Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13!

Does the name Anna Jarvis sound familiar? Probably not. She wanted to honor her mother who founded Mother Day Work Clubs in five cities to improve sanitary and health conditions. The women also treated wounds, fed and clothed both Confederate and Union soldiers with neutrality.

On May 12, 1907, two years after her mother's death, she embarked on a campaign to make "Mother's Day" a national holiday. She succeeded in making this nationally recognized in 1914.

We celebrate motherhood at Design Studio to remember our mothers and grandmothers, as well as daughters-in-law who gave us grandchildren. We are blessed!

Stop in the shop and let us help you choose the perfect gift for that special woman.

Mary Ann Johnson has created charming Mother's Day cards.

Does she need some bling? Our jewelry sparkles just like she does!

A scarf is the perfect fashion accessory for your favorite fashionista. We can show you how to tie a Rose!

Let us put together a gift bag and include a gift certificate.

How about filling a Design Studio bulletin board or photo frame to remember special people and special events?

Pamper her with a gift from Design Studio!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wonderful words!

Visit Design Studio for charming words to express your feelings!

Available in a variety of sizes, these fabric pillows or wood signs are the perfect gift for you or someone you love.  Consider the sweet sentiments to hang in your home or place on a shelf.

Planning a trip to the City of Light? Fond memories of a past visit?

Mother's Day is less than a month away!

Live each day with love!